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VFM’s first objective is to learn about what makes your company move. How is your fuel used? How do you receive fuel? How is your fuel transported? Is there potential fuel theft? What is your complete fuel spend? These questions can start to highlight some of the key factors in COMPLETE FUEL SAVINGS.
Equipment & Supplies
VFM provides complete solutions for your fueling needs. We supply all parts, drawings, permits, labor, installation, and service calls for your company.
Hardware & Software
VFM offers several lines of Fuel Management systems, Level Monitoring Solutions, GPS, along with Fuel Transport Tracking. We can deliver systems that fit your specific issues. All companies are different. Not all management systems are created equal. Let us help you discover the solution that best complements your company’s changing needs. More robust reporting & data analytics empower fuel managers to make better decisions about how their fuel is consumed.
Project Management & Installation
From small service calls, nozzle replacements, to large, complicated fuel island construction projects the VFM team working diligently to make sure your timelines are met. These projects can be difficult. But with consistent communication, intelligent discussions, and proven experience, anything can be accomplished. Having one company that delivers a complete solution, eliminates using up your valuable time.
Maintenance Services
Fuel Tank cleaning, Painting, Meter calibration, Breakaways and Swivel inspection & repair, and much more!
Contact Us
Click the link below to get in touch with a VFM teammate. ALL NEW CLIENTS receive a 10% discount on your first order of any product or service. Please. Let us know.